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Different Kinds of Hidden Cameras

We all want a hidden camera for a whole range for reasons. Keep tabs on the kids while you’re away, keep tabs on your spouse, catch an employee suspected of committing theft, etc.

If you’re certain you need a hidden camera, just that you have no idea where to look or even what to look for exactly, start by knowing the different types you will probably find today:


Though a hardwired hidden camera can seem inexpensive upfront, there will be other expenses required to capture a decent video, and it’s not very cheap overall. However, if you’ve got new construction where access to walls for wiring is a given, you may as well install one together with your motion detector, smoke detector, thermostat camera and other basic home security devices.


With this type of hidden camera, regular household objects are used (for example, an alarm clock), with the transmitter installed inside a separate receiver capturing the video from the camera. A recording device will still be needed to store the video that has been captured by the camera. Although these systems are still widely available today, they are fast becoming obsolete just like their hardwired counterparts.


The self-recording hidden camera is probably the best that has happened to the covert surveillance industry yet. These systems come with an inbuilt DVR that is programmed to stores videos to an SD memory card. In most cases, these hidden cameras use motion activation to save you memory as well as time spent reviewing the video. Back then, you had to sit down for hours fast-forwarding and rewinding and then back again to moments when the subject is within sight.

4G Wireless Technology

To be able to use a remote camera properly, you’d need to be in a place where there is stable and high-speed Internet access. If you install your device in a 4G-covered area but the Internet connection from where you’re watching is poor, you can purchase a 4G-compatible hidden camera. Although the price still high up there today, it will surely lower as this wireless technology extends coverage.


In a system like this, the Wi-Fi signal coming from your wireless router is in charge of sending and receiving the video which has been captured by your hidden camera. Or sometimes, your PC can work as the recorder, and your Wi-Fi connection can be the channel for transmitting the video. You can view the video anytime either way.


Most of this one is probably self-explanatory. You literally wear this type of hidden cameras on your body or at least hold it with your hand while recording. They can come as a button on your shirt or a keychain or a purse – anything goes actually. Your options are endless.

Getting Down To Basics with Cameras

Getting Down To Basics with Cameras

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