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Is it Expensive to Follow an Organic Diet?

Eating organic food has a big impact on our health, something that not a lot of people are aware of. However, whenever we say organic, people have a connotation that it is often expensive and out of their financial capacity. But in reality, there are many different ways on how a consumer can eat organic and healthy foods without going beyond their budget. If you will follow the tips listed below, then you are on the path to having a healthier life and body.

Tip number 1. Buy branded organic foods – there are chain stores with their own label of organic food brand. In most cases, these are more affordable when compared to other organic food brands in the market. Whether you believe it or not, you can get this in half the price. You have to be selective in the organic vegetables and fruits you’re going to buy.

Due to the reason that their skin is thin, apples are absorbing more pesticides compared to other fruits and thus, you have to buy organic apples only. Other veggies and fruits that have thicker skin are less dangerous to eat in nonorganic way since the skin provides better protection against pesticides.

Examples of non organic fruits and vegetables with thicker skins include pineapple, avocados, corn, peas, eggplant, onion and melon. Therefore, eating these foods non-organically is safe but, you have to ensure that you thoroughly rinse it before eating.

Tip number 2. Check the price – a lot of people quickly jump to conclusion that organic products are expensive but in reality, some of them are priced the same with nonorganic foods. Thus, make sure that you do price comparison of each.

Tip number 3. Grow your own veggies and fruits – if you are fond of gardening, then why not try growing vegetables and fruits organically. It’s true that it will take longer time to grow them but it will definitely cost you less than purchasing them in stores.

Tip number 4. Mix organic meat with beans – to be able to expand your meat budget and want to eat organic meat, it will be wise to mix it with some organic beans.

Tip number 5. Buy by lot – doing this won’t just help you to save from buying organic foods but also on other purchases you want to make. For example, instead of buying thighs or wings of the chicken, you can actually save more if you buy it in whole. Through this, you are able to reduce the price per kg and also, save enough.

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